"My family and I have been working with Michelle Stephens for over three years on a wide range of health issues including childhood behavioral problems, vaccine damage, viruses, chronic fatigue, chronic lyme, insomnia, dental infections and much more. Michelle is a gifted and passionate healer with the compassion needed to help families struggling with complex health issues. In her practice, she goes much deeper with her healing approaches then traditional medicine and even traditional homeopathy. Her intuitive insights have guided her to answers that have been so profoundly helpful to each member of my family. She helped me understand that true healing goes much deeper than just addressing physical symptoms. Personally, after struggling with chronic health issues for over a decade, Michelle helped me identify key factors that were blocking my ability to heal. She has the experience and the intuitive insight to find root causes of complex health issues.  Her psychic intuition is a powerful gift she passionately uses to help her clients on their healing journeys. I highly recommend working with Michelle on your specific health concerns!

                                                                                - K.Y. South Berwick, Maine

 "When our son had a sudden onset of PANDAS our world was turned upside down. His symptoms were debilitating and he was unable to do anything. After trying antibiotics with little success we found Homeopathy. Michelle Stephens knew exactly what he needed and now and all of his PANDAS symptoms are gone. We no longer live in fear of PANDAS and I know that he is healing. Michelle truly has a gift and I know that we are on the right path. I have never met anyone that is more caring and supportive. I am so thankful for Michelle and all she has done for our family." 
                                                                     - L.J. Royal Palm Beach, Florida   


"Michelle Stephens is amazing! My daughter, Hunter, was receiving homeopathic  treatment from her; however, Michelle tested her as not being aligned for healing with homeopathy at the time. I wasn't sure what to do. We decided to do an intuitive consult, which was the best decision we ever made. Hunter was also treating with a biomedical doctor and she was declining. Her anxiety and rage was increased and we could not figure out what the setback was. Michelle did the intuitive consult and kept saying I see something blue and red and blue. Almost like a string but that's not it. I had no idea what she was talking about but I listened to her as Michelle has always been spot on in the past. Even with muscle testing medicines for Hunter she has always been right as to what was needed for her or not needed at the time. Michelle proceeds to try and explain this vision of this string and I felt a pressing need to tell her that the biomedical doctor was giving her some new supplements to try and help her methylation status. Michelle screamed out  excitedly that was it! It wasn't a string but a gene! A chromosome! It all made perfect sense. Hunter cannot tolerate methyl donors and Michelle said her genes are ready at this time. We pulled all methyl donor supplements and gave niacin to mop up those methyl donors and the rage and high level anxiety reduced greatly. We would have never figured this out without Michelle!  We knew she had issues in past with them but thought the genes were working. Amazing! Cannot suggest Michelle enough!"

                                                                                     -M.M. Brunswick, Georgia


This is the time of year I always have panic attacks, shoulder pain and hair loss and we have ZERO! Its so good I didn't want to moz myself,so I just havn't spoken to anyone about it too scared to say it out loud but now I need to tell you. So so glad with my progress. Twenty years of that was enough!"

                                                                                                     - V.T. Australia

 "Homeopathy has brought me a sense of peacefulness, more clarity and focus, and has improved my overall everyday functioning. My irritability is under control and I am feeling like myself again. I am so thankful for Michelle Stephens of MyKy Homeopathy for her genuine compassion and willingness to teach me how to use my remedy and her continued support throughout the entire process."                                                 

                                                                               -M.D. South Berwick, Maine 

 "I was looking for any way to heal my daughter of PANDAS after three years of SSRIs and antibiotics petered out. I belonged to a PANDAS groups on Facebook when I kept seeing moms posting about Homeopathy. I didn't really know anything about it. I met Michelle who told me all about it. She had just started her practive and I was willing try anything to help my daughter who at age 6 suddenly had OCD and anxiety. We started treatment with my daughter in December of 2012. Michelle and I decided that it would be great for me and my son to also get on board. I feel like I have known Michelle forever. We connected instantly. She is very compassionate about what she does and really has a special gift. Today we are close to being healed. My daughter has never looked or sounded better.  Both my son and I have rid ourselves of years of medical problems. We haven't looked back since. I am so glad we started homeopathy and it will continue to be in our lives forever thanks to Michelle.
                                                                                                 - M.Y. New Jersey

"I wanted to let you know I am on my third week of taking the Phosphorus. The first week I has some calf discomfort but since then- nothing! I have been playing a lot of ball and happy, so happy, that this is not an issue. Thanks again!                                       -L.S. Maine


"I turned to homeopathy for a few different issues such as anxiety, fear of flying, skin problems and general clearing of past illness. I couldn't speak highly enough of Michelle Stephens. She is a healer, not just through education and experience, but as an intuitive. She has always been spot on for me with every step on my personal road to healing. Michelle also has showed me my own ability to heal myself, which is so powerful in itself. I have grown to adore her and her presence in my life. How can you deny such postive energy? Thank you Michelle!"

                                                                                           -A.T, New Hampshire


"Once again I am able to send you good news about my daughter.Her speech as so much improved since our last time, it is just unbelievable. She is nearly at her level since before PANDAS. In the last few months, she has mostly gave short answers and was often screaming and crying instead of talking. Now she is a little chatterbox again. She likes to talk about her feelings, needs, experiences, ideas and so on. And not to forget- her echolalia and stuttering! It is a pleasure to listen to her now!" 

                                                                                                           -S.K. Austria

 "We were in a dark, sad place prior to homeopathy and we are in a good place now. My son went three years undiagnosed with PANDAS, well he was misdiagnosed with many things (ADD, OCD, Autism,severe anxiety, picking,tics,Tourettes) but not the correct diagnosis. He went three years with no antibiotics because I was busy dodging psych meds. It was pure hell. He was only a shell of himself at that point, a ticking, twitching, picking shell of himself. The antibiotics helped for about two weeks. I thought things were beautiful, little did I know it was only a bandaid and the hell returned with even more symptoms. The rages were scary. I was not sure if he was ever coming back to us. I was so broken. Now that it was figured out, all I wanted was my kid back. The antibiotics had done all they could. Another PANDAS mother told me about homeopathy. I had my first visit with Michelle the last week of July. It was beautiful. I felt comfort, I had forgot what that felt like. The docs had rolled their eyes at me and blew me off for so long. I had decided to keep him home for school at that point for less exposure and he could not maintain himself at school or anywhere at that point. He went from being in the Gifted Program to walking into walls. We started with one remedy the first of August. I was shocked that even one remedy helped so much. His rages were lessened. Then we started more, I love how she works slowly. As we kept going, I saw more of him; the tics, picking, rages, bed wetting etc were gone!! Now we have had bumps but never the hell. He returned to school in Jan. He was so happy, he knew he was getting his life back. As we move along,clearing more and more, he returns even more. I feel so sad I had actually forgot so much about his real personality but it had been two years since it was really there. I am happy to report he is doing great! He was physically suffering prior to Homeopathy but now he is growing and gaining healthy weight. He is a true testament to holistic medicine. He is on no conventional meds and he can pay attention. He is social again. He can think. He can laugh. He has his life back and my heart is getting a chance to mend. We owe so much to Michelle, she has spent so much time helping us, she does it all with so much heart. She has a gift and we are so thankful to be working with her. It is hard for me to think where he would be if not for Michelle and Homeopathy. I am not going to to think of that now, I am going to go listen to him laugh while watching movie with his little brother. I like to just absorb the love and happiness that has returned to our home."    
                                                                                          - A.K. Muncie, Indiana 

   "I have known Michelle for over 15 years and have gotten familiar with her passionate ways for people, health and caring for others. When she transitioned into Homeopathy it was a 'no brainer' she would be a natural! She personally helped me with my anxiety and 'dull outlook' on life. I am so thankful I tried the remedy! I could not recommend anyone other than Michelle for a thoughtful, caring and educated remedy choice."             
                                                                                              -H.B.W - Dover, NH 


"When I first approached Michelle Stephens as a client I was overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted. I had tried many conventional medicines which caused adverse side effects or didn't work at all. Michelle gave me her full time and attention. She listened carefully and asked many questions. She was able to produce a remedy specifically for me. She has taught me how to use my remedy effectively. Michelle has been readily available to answer my questions I have had. She is warm, empathetic and knowledgeable. She has made a positive impact in my health and in my life."

                                                                                - K.W. South Berwick, Maine

"Michelle Stephens was our saving grace! When we first started with Michelle, I knew nothing about homeopathy.  Honestly, I thought it was a bit “hippy dippy” but I read it had helped other children.  I wasn’t sure how my child or my family was going to survive PANS/PANDAS.  I felt completely desperate.  I prayed. I emailed Michelle. From her very first reply, I felt hope!  Michelle was understanding, compassionate and brilliant.  I did not always understand the healing process or her modalities but I trusted her. Healing was slow and steady.  A few years later my daughter is nearly back to 100% which feels miraculous!  I know one day PANS/PANDAS will be only a memory. I am forever grateful for God’s gift of Michelle."

                                                                                               - M.V. Lithia, Florida